Saturday, November 12, 2011

Weekend Podcasts

It's the weekend, and here are some of the podcasts that I spend parts of my weekend (and the following week) listening to.


The podcast of Anime News Network. Has great interviews with people in the North American anime and manga industry. Also features a lot of talk about film, tv and the hazards of being a critic in an online world.


A great little podcast about film. A mix of reviews of new films, with great thematic marathons of older films. Great analysis of movies by people who know their stuff. (It encourages me that even they have giant to-watch lists too.)

The House

Federal politics radio program from CBC. I've a little behind on this one because of my despair about politics in general. I began listening when Kathleen Petty took over from Don Newman when he retired. I still have fond memories of watching Kathleen Petty doing election camnpaign coverage in 1997 at the then-new CBC Newsworld headquarters in Calgary. Evan Solomon (who I still remember fondly from Hot Type) who recently has been doing Power and Politics (the daily CBC News Network federal politics show with an audio podcast) has now taken over. When I need to catch up on the week in politics, I turn to this one.

Cardboard of the Rings

The podcast (from Toronto) about the Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. The card game is a relatively new Living Card Game (LCG) from Fantasy Flight Games, which is one of the games I am most actively interested in currently. I plan to play a game of LotR with the podcasters when I visit Toronto the next time. . .

Deck Construct

A podcast about Magic: The Gathering done by a young man living in or around London. When I listen to this podcast I am reminded that in England students actually learn how to make an argument well. The podcast is done very professionally, stays on topic and the young man who does it is very articulate. He is not the best Magic player, but he is passionate and dedicated to the game and that comes through.

2 Champs and a Chump

A podcast about the Game of Thrones LCG. Although on hiatus for a few months, this podcast is hosted by two World Champions and a non-World Champion. These guys know the game inside out and it's always fun to hear their analysis of the latest chapter packs and the current overall metagame.

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