Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Major Pop Culture That I Have Missed (Part II)

Continuing on with some of the major pop culture phenomena that I have not experienced, this time turning to books.

The books of Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffrey died this past week. Many of my friends read her books and were huge fans of them. I even promised one of those friends that I would read one of them. However, at least eighteen years have passed since then and I still have not read any of her books. I'm not really sure why. I certainly have nothing against her science-fiction flavoured fantasy novels of dragons and dragonriders. I guess I always had other fantasy and science fiction books to read (many of which I still have to read), so I never made time for her books.

The books of John Bellairs

The House With a Clock In Its Walls. The Face In the Frost. I have a feeling that I would love these books now. Perhaps even then. However, when I was a child I was very afraid of scary things. And Edward Gorey's illustrations were scary. I now love Edward Gorey's illustrations and I appreciate his humour. However, the younger version of me couldn't stand them. And as the vast majority of Bellair's books had illustrations by Gorey, I avoided them.

The Hardy Boys

Okay, I have read some of the Hardy Boys books, just not very many -- maybe two or three. I even had the detective guide featuring them.

I was a huge mystery fan in the middle grades, and the supernatural mysteries of Betty Ren Wright (The Dollhouse Murders) along with Willo Davis Roberts' View From the Cherry Tree, The Ghost Squad series (E. W. Hildick), and the puzzle mysteries of Donald Sobol (Encyclopedia Brown, Two-Minute Mysteries), along with The Three Investigators (my formula series of choice) kept me busy, so I never felt it necessary to read The Hardy Boys.

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  1. I never read Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew. It was all about Trixie Beldon for me. I also never read Babysitters Club books until recently (and realized all of my stubbornness about them was wholly unwarranted).