Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Warning: My TV May Spontaneously Combust

Okay, my TV won't actually spontaneously combust, but it may overheat and catch fire and burn down my apartment buildiung. While I'm watching it.

The first that I heard about this flaw was about a month ago when I read a news article on a high-def video site that I frequent. Skimming over the article and seeing the model numbers affected, I thought, "Hmm, I wonder if that's the kind that I have." With the manual buried in my bedroom closet, I squeezed around the back of my TV (which is very heavy and against a wall) to check the model number. It was, but I hadn't had any problems with the TV overheating (my receiver and media box get warmer than it does), so I didn't panic.

Then I got a letter in the mail from the store I bought it from. At first I thought that it was a letter warning me about the flaw in an indoor grill that I had bought through the same store as a wedding present. As I was opening the envelope (which had wording encourging to open it immediately), I was thinking how I would have to contact the happily married couple and warn them that my wedding present might burn down their home. The letter turned out to be warning me about my TV.

So here I am nearly a week later. I have been contacted by a local electronics repair shop who will do a home inspection of the TV. I just have to confirm the model type and serial number and fax the bill of sale to them. For the bill of sale, the person from the repair shop suggested I contact the store that I bought it from. However, packrat of bank statements, electrical and phone/Internet bills and other major purchase bills, I knew where to find it.

So now I have emptied my underwear drawer -- which is where I keep these documents -- and have put said documents into a box . Thankfully I use what I call the archeological method of filing, that is whatever is on the top is newest and whatever is on the bottom is the oldest. Getting to the bottom of the drawer I spotted said bill, so now I just have to sort out everything else that's now out of order.

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  1. Well done, sir. If I had to find a similar bill of purchase, I would have no idea where to look. Although, maybe for that big of a purchase, it would be in (LOCATION DELETED), where I keep important documents.