Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekday Podcasts

Continuing on with some of the podcasts I regularly listen to. This time the ones that are released on weekdays.

Tiesto's Club Life

One of the two dance music podcasts that I listen to. Tiesto is one of the most famous DJs in the world and his trance podcasts energize my cycling, walking or just doing chores.

Dance Department

The other of the two dance music podcasts that I listen to. From Radio 538 in Amsterdam, this is the first podcast that I found that kept me up with current dance music (mostly house and trance). Although predominantly music, there are some interviews with various DJs and producers during the Winter Music Conference and on Ibiza during the summer.

Savage Lovecast

I discovered this one years ago while visiting a friend in Winnipeg. The audio offshoot of Dan Savage's widely syndicated column.

Search Engine

Now hosted by TVO, originally from CBC. A podcast about the impact of the Internet on society. The articles and interviews are always facinating. The show has focused a lot on copyright and the upcoming changes to copyright legislation, but a variety of other topics have also been discussed and explored.

The Dice Tower

Boardgames are one of the things that I am passionate about. This podcast is done by others who are also passionate about boardgames. Recently it has banded together with other podcasts about boardgames which together gives a complete picture of contemporary boardgaming.

Reasonable Discussions

The AV Club's weekly podcast. My weekly peek into pop culture. Even topics that I don't usually pay much attention to, like music reviews, are fun to listen to. The "extracurricular activities" section where the contributors talk about stuff they've been listening to/reading/watching reminds me of our open book discussions in SPLAT.

Talking TV With Ryan and Ryan

The reason I like to listen to pop culture podcasts is similar to why I like reading review journals. I get a snapshot of what is new or about to be released and why it's important (or not important). There is a lot of TV that I would like to watch, but don't have the time to. This podcast not only allows me to keep up with what's new, but also to decide what's worth watching.

The Doctor Who Podcast

In a sea of podcasts about Doctor Who, this is the one that I have stuck with. While I usually listen to this one more while there are new episodes airing, I have been making an effort to listen to more episodes off-season. This podcast is very focused, the three main hosts are all fans of the classic series as well as of the new series, have different opinions about episodes and are articulate about it.

The H. P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast (HPPodcraft)

The most recent addition to my weekday podcasts, this is a weekly podcast that covers the stories of H. P. Lovecraft. This is like a really good discussion in a lit class. Although they put out separate readings of selected stories by HPL, there are short segments from the stories that are inserted in each episode. I've been downloading previous episodes as I want to know more about certain stories, and waiting for some of the other (later) stories to be discussed (the stories are being discussed in publishing order).

Power and Politics (and Power and Politics: The War Room)

The audio podcast of CBC News Network's daily (M-F) TV program about federal politics. I've recently been depressed about federal (and provincial) politics, so I haven't been keeping up recently with this one. However, this is the one to listen to keep up with what's happening on Parliament Hill.

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